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Le Soliel Qui Rit (2017)

May 5-6, 2017

Lewis Auditorium, St. Augustine, FL

Music: "Laugh as the Sun" by Rusted Root

Dancers: Jasmine Baird, Sydney Buchanan, Rebekah Fedele, Lauren Lantz, Kelly Orr, Morgan Rickelman, Sonia Smithson 

For a brief period I developed a fascination with sun worship, particularly of the ancient Egyptian and Aztec cultures.  The sun developed a personality, almost entity-like in the life my mind had breathed into it.  I wanted to create a piece that drew upon the gestures associated with sun worship depicted in the ancient art of these cultures and blend them with the frivolous yet calculated luminary that had become my sun.

Le Soliel Qui Rit was adjudicated and chosen to be performed at the 2018 South East Regional Ballet Association Festival in Montgomery, AL at the Davis Theater for the Performing Arts.

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