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Artist Statement.

Art is for the people and should always come from and be given back to those who caused its inspiration.  As our most primal form of communication, art should be a means of inclusion for people to communicate, rejoice in the human condition, and relate to their fellow humans.  Dance is the expression of mankind; the embodiment of all that was and all that is; carrying with it the possibilities for all that can be.  I make my choreography by examining the nature of humanity.  The specifics details and circumstances of our lives lead us to believe that we are isolated entities.  My art seeks to show that we are each one small part of the living breathing organism of humanity; connected through blood memories and a collective consciousness.


I make dance but really I put unspoken emotions, thoughts, images, and memories into movement.  In reality, I make nothing.  I only borrow and manipulate that which I have already seen from the everyday movements, interactions, and emotions by the strangers around me; taking my inspiration from the pure excitement of living.  I write rambling sentences of movement that seek to capture the chaos, harmony, and fleetingness of the world, as I see it, in the hopes somewhere someone will feel something.


Art reveals the inner landscape more commonly called the soul.  My art is an interior world that may look similar to yours because it came from you.  It is the attic where you store old forgotten feelings, past loves, the smell of your childhood summers, and your deepest darkest secrets.  My attic looks just like yours because we all share the same basic human experience.  The reflection of yourself, your life, and your stories are what I build my work from and are what I hope you find in it.  Life pulsing through the people.  Blood and movement.


I continue to create dance to relieve myself of the burdens stored in my secret attic and so that others may be relieved of theirs as well.  There is something that gives us a pause to exhale extraneous weight when we realize our lives are shared by others and are not solely our own.  That realization can provide restored life and renewed energy to carry on into the unknown.


I make art because existing in a world where I get to walk among my wildest dreams is the most logical thing I can think of; wandering through the garden of the shared secrets of the human consciousness, digging through the dirt of our pasts, and sweeping the cobwebs aside from the forgotten trunks in the attic.  I make art for everybody and nobody but I mostly make art for you.   

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