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Mappae Chorographia (2019)

What began as a choreographic exploration of cartography quickly became an engrossing task in both the physical and metaphorical mapping of space through movement and tangible medium.  Drawing inspiration from ariel shots of major cities around the world, my collaborator and I sought to blend the strict linearity found in the man-made world with the organic ebb and flow design inherent in nature.  We hoped to examine the dichotomous relationship that exists around us every day; one that we have created yet refuse to live with, in symbiosis.

May 2-4, 2019

Jack Crystal Theater, New York, NY

Created with Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes

Music: original composition by Lydia Breckon and Jackson Brothers

Dancers: Annie Gelles, Daniel Rocha, Natalie Scolf, Arianna Sotero, Lindsay Zogbi

Set Design: Hsin Ho Yang

Costume Design: Eszter Retfalvi

Lighting Design: Betsey Chester

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