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I Am.

I am a peacefully chaotic dancer, choreographer, educator, and writer born into a military family, steeped in conservative tradition, that didn't want me to be who I am.

My life is incomplete without dance and I am always meandering through the maze of my mind to discover new corners of my artistic, creative, and intellectual curiosities.

The stories of my life define my continuing evolution and have created an endless craving to wander - both literally and metaphorically.

My heart is a passionate one and I sometimes find myself enslaved to its desires and urges.  However, it is only by giving in that I'm able to calm my restless soul and still my rapidly firing mind.

I am an animal lover with a particular affinity for cats and sloths.  I enjoy playing and being silly every chance I get. This usually results in one or more cats loafing around in ill-fitting animal wear thinking that my silliness is not at all amusing.

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